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The Tallahassee Apple User Group ("Tee Apple") provides education and assistance to its members on Apple Macintosh computers, software, and peripheral equipment. With more than 100 members, T.Applers have a wide variety of life experiences and professional knowledge. Our computer skills range from the novice first-time Mac user to those who make their living using computers. We enjoy sharing our knowledge and enthusiasm. Come join the fun.

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T.Apple holds its regular meeting on the second Thursday of each month at Gabrielle Consulting's Leadership Development Center in Tallahassee, which is located behind HoneyBaked Hams near the intersection of Mahan and Capital Circle. Two parking lots are available, one on Powell Road, and one on Eliza Road. Look for signs for Gabrielle Consulting and Plugged In Leadership, and put in your address for online directions. If you have a laptop, iPad, or iPhone, we encourage you to bring them to the meetings. We have free WiFi available.

  • From 6:45pm to 7pm we have a getting to know you session where visitors and new users can mingle together over refreshments with other Mac users and ask questions and receive help from one another. At 7pm a question and answer session on various Macintosh topics and software follows, and leads into a terriffic demonstration or presentation of interesting topics.
  • Our meetings end at 8:30pm.

We are here to help you with whatever level of user you are.

more details

T.Apple offers a variety of Internet services to its members. We offer a mailing list, email accounts, web page space, access to member-only files, and our Tallahassee Apple User Group Facebook group. We also have a Tallahassee Apple Computer Club YouTube Channel. We also operate a hotline server.
To learn more about the T.Apple mailing list (for members only), click here.

Click on "more details..." for more information about services we offer to members, how to join T.Apple, how to get an account on our system, and how to configure your software to use these services.


All interested people are encouraged to contact any of the User Group officers or Ambassador or to stop by one of our meetings.

President: Greg Colovos greg@macbusinesssystems.com
Vice President: Rich Pileggi tlhrich@gmail.com
Secretary: Mike Spillman mikespill032@gmail.com

Treasurer: Geoffrey Kajcienski gkajcienski@msn.com

Board of Directors: Joan Kajcienski jkajcienski@yahoo.com, Patsy Eccles ecclesp@iron-bridge.net, Gabrielle gabrielle@tapple.org

Ambassador: Bob O'Lary bob@bitbrothers.com




If you have any comments or questions about the T.Apple web site, please email gabrielle@tapple.org