Meeting Date

Regular meeting:
the second Thursday of each month

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What to bring:

If you have a laptop, iPad, or iPhone, we encourage you to bring them to the meetings,
we have free WiFi available!

How our Meetings Work

We are here to help you with whatever level of user you are.

From 6:45pm to 7pm we have a getting to know you session where visitors and new users can mingle together over refreshments with other Mac users and ask questions and receive help from one another. At 7pm a question and answer session on various Macintosh topics and software follows, and leads into a terrific demonstration or presentation of interesting topics.
Our meetings end at 8:30pm.

Stay Connected

Be sure to subscribe to the T.Apple calendar to keep updated on topics and more!

Stay Informed

With our brand-new community forum coming soon, we look forward to growing as a community with engaging discussions, as well as being your source to connect with other members for exchanging Apple expertise

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